Laboratory tests

We have our own fitted laboratory to monitor the main chemical parameters ruling the baths.

Periodically our chemical products suppliers take samples to control the correct chemical composition.

We can carry out a range of tests both for internal control and for specific customer reports.

The surface coating thickness is tested with Fischer instrumentation during the coating process and during quality controls before delivery.

We continuously perform salt spray tests using our certified testing machine both to monitor our process effectiveness and to perform tests on request.

We can also perform other tests on request, such as thermal shock test, zinc adhesion test, Wood’s light test (to check the presence of lubricants with tracers) and Diphenylcarbazide test (to check the absence of chromium VI).


We can provide both a manual packaging service and an automatic packaging service in cardboard boxes.

Therefore material can be ready for direct delivery to the final customer or for safe storage in our customer’s warehouse.

In addition, we are experimenting with an automatic packaging system for the static zinc plating line.